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Project Management specialists

Project Management

JCI ProTec is able to offer a range of Project Management services.

Providing a highly experienced Project Manager to join your team and add valuable expertise to ensure your success.

Offer advice, provide tools and templates to your project on a consultancy basis enabling a less experienced team to execute their own project.

Provide a full service taking the responsibility for delivering the project using our specialist team for estimating, planning and controlling.


JCI ProTec understands that funding is difficult to obtain and once approved it should be allocated in a way that provides value, quality and reliability. To achieve this, the estimating process is crucial and we know that the best way to obtain a reliable estimate is to have a robust, proven method and we have gained this through years of experience.


JCI ProTec places enormous emphasis on the need to plan. Planning is the key to delivering projects on time and will greatly assist the control of costs. We offer detailed project schedules in a variety of software formats.

Project Controls

At JCI ProTec we know that good estimates and a robust plan will not in itself deliver your project, which is why we monitor expenditure against progress. We are able to provide an accurate forecast of total out turn costs and schedule. We can tell you how far the project is exposed at a given time so your expenditure phasing can be planned and reported to the project finance providers.

Risk Management

Risk Workshops are a good way to identify and then manage risks associated with any project. This is best achieved using an interactive workshop with the client user group.

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